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  • RX

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Brotastic Fun Competition: Bro's Only.
Teams of 2
RX and Scaled Divisions

Event WODS

WOD #1: Bench-A-Thon

Event one: 26,000 lb Bench-A-Thon. Each team will pick a weight and begin lifting. Once the reps x load is equal to 26,000 lb. the workout is complete. Only one partner can lift at a time. Partners may switch as necessary. The team with the fastest time wins!! Loads to choose from: RX 115,135,165 Scaled: 75,95,115

WOD #2: Max DT

Event two: Unbroken DT. Each teammate will have 10 minutes to preform a single round of DT for max load. The round must be completed unbroken. Your team's score will be your combined weight. The team with the heaviest total will take the event.

WOD # 3: Light Em Up

Event 3 is 10 rounds for time of 10 back squats and a 100 ft sled push. Partner A picks up the barbell from the ground and preforms 10 back squats while partner B pushes a sled down and back (100ft). The sled can only move once partner A begins his back squats. Partner A can not put the bar down until partner B returns with the sled. Partners will switch roles every round. Once each partner has complete five rounds their time is recorded. The team that completes a total of 10 rounds the fastest wins. Scaled loads: Back squats @ 135/ Sled a single 45# plate RX loads: Back squats @ 185/ Sled two 45# plates

Never Again

Sand bag toss over yoke

Event Info:


Date: Nov. 18, 2017

Location: 15227 SE 283rd PL, Kent WA

Registration: $180.00


Reg Deadline Passed


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